Eyrir Invest

Eyrir Invest is an international investment company that focuses on investments in industrial companies that have the potential to become true global leaders. Eyrir places great emphasis on aligning execution with good long-term strategic planning.

Eyrir Invest’s core holdings are well positioned on a global scale within growth industries. Eyrir’s assets are close to EUR 400 m and an equity ratio around 50%.

Eyrir Invest was founded in mid-2000. Eyrir’s investment strategy does not follow any preconceived timeframe. Its “Buy and Build” strategy has a proven track record as shareholder value has increased well above market returns since foundation.


Stork Financial Results Q1 2015


Continued year-on-year performance improvement Summary Q1 2015 Stable order book of EUR 1,327 million (2014: EUR 1,272 million) with major project awards. Revenue EUR 352 million (2014: EUR 315 million); y-o-y organic growth...

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Eyrir Invest 2014 Results


12 May 2015 Eyrir Invest’s portfolio companies performed well in 2014. Stork recently published its annual accounts, showing a significant improvement in operational results. The operations of Fokker Technologies, which also...

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Fokker Technologies Annual Results 2014


Strong operational performance with stable revenue Papendrecht, 30 March 2015 – Fokker Technologies today publishes its annual results for the year 2014. FINANCIAL HIGHLIGHTS

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Stork Financial Results 2014


Highlights full year 2014 Solid recovery and performance improvement in 2014. Order book up 2.5% to EUR 1,337 million (2013: EUR 1,304 million). Healthy order intake and contract renewals in Colombia, Australia, the...

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Marel 2014 Annual Results


Q4 2014 – Record order intake and strong cash flow Revenue for Q4 2014 totaled 200.0m [Q4 2013: 168.2m]. Adjusted EBITDA* for Q4 2014 was 28.1m or 14.1% of revenue. EBITDA was...

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Stork Q3 Results


Summary Q3 2014 Strong order intake from the Oil & Gas sector in Colombia, Australia and the UK, and in The Netherlands from the Chemical sector, resulted in an order book...

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Marel Q3 2014 Results


Record order intake and revenue with improved results Revenue for Q3 2014 was 187.9m [Q3 2013: 156.9m]. Adjusted EBITDA* for Q3 2014 was 25.9m or 13.8% of revenue. EBITDA was 24.6m or...

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Afkoma Eyris Invest hf. á fyrri árshelmi…


Ágæti hluthafi, Þann 25. ágúst s.l. samþykkti stjórn Eyris Invest uppgjör félagsins fyrir fyrri árshelming 2014. Í samræmi við stefnu félagsins um upplýsingagjöf til hluthafa, sendum við þetta bréf þar sem...

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Stork H1 2014 Results


Performance first half year confirms recovery Healthy order book at €1,280 million (HY 2013: €1,130 million). Major long term maintenance contracts and plant modification projects in the global Oil &...

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