Eyrir partners with Efni

06. March 2017

Together Eyrir and Efni will utilize new methods and technologies to build sales and distribution channels with focus on online channels and social media. The other shareholders of Efni are Heiða Kristín Helgadóttir, CEO of Efni, and Oliver Luckett, Social Media expert and Chairman of Efni.

Until recently it was both difficult and expensive to market Icelandic products to international markets without owning its own distribution channel. The Internet and increased mobility has fundamentally changed companies’ access to markets and how consumers access new products. Therefore, companies need to use new methods in marketing to reach consumers. At the same time, interest in Iceland and Icelandic products has reached new heights, providing Icelandic companies with new opportunities for successful international marketing. The distance from markets is no longer a major obstacle and Eyrir and Efni see great potential in harnessing new technologies to access new markets. Eyrir Invest has a long and successful history of supporting Icelandic manufacturing and technology companies in their international growth and Eyrir´s “Buy & Build Strategy” harmonizes well with Efni´s strategy for bringing Icelandic products to market.

“Access to the distribution channel has for a long time been the main challenge in building and growing new companies. For a long time, the only viable option was to use acquisitions to build a strong international distribution channel and become able to scale up”, says Thordur Magnusson, Chairman of Eyrir Invest. “New developments in online distribution and sales channels is fundamentally changing these dynamics and we believe that by partnering up with Efni, Eyrir is able to take advantage of new opportunities that are opening up because of these changes.”

“We are ready to hit the ground running and get started on this great new project. Eyrir is the perfect partner for Oliver and myself, bringing a lot of experience to the table, which we will take great use of so that together we can make great ideas become reality”, says Heiða Kristín Helgadóttir, CEO of Efni.

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