Eyrir Invest increases financial flexibility

12. May 2017

Eyrir Invest remains Marel’s principal shareholder by holding 190 million shares, corresponding to 25.9% of issued shares.

Eyrir Invest is a long-term investor and has been Marel’s principal shareholder since 2005. Marel has been successfully executing its long-term growth strategy and operating performance has been good. Eyrir remains a strong believer in Marel’s growth potential going forward and its ability to continue to deliver impressive operational performance. Eyrir intends to remain the principal shareholder of Marel.

Eyrir Invests financial position is strong. Eyrir Invest is a long term strategic investor with the strategy of supporting global industrial companies and venture investments for growth. Eyrir recently purchased a principal share in Efni ehf., a sales and marketing organization that leverages the brand of Iceland to directly market products, open distribution channels, and create a global network of audiences for Icelandic goods and services. Together Eyrir and Efni will utilize new methods and technologies to build sales and distribution channels with focus on online channels and social media. Eyrir also recently re-purchased all outstanding B-shares of Eyrir Invest. Eyrir´s Annual General Meeting today decided to authorize the Board of Directors to purchase Eyrir´s own shares for 1.7 billion ISK.


“ Fail early in order to succeed sooner ”

- Tom Kelley - founder of IDEO.