Reykjavik, September 25th 2008 

Eyrir Invest repurchases it‘s bond issue EYRI0109

Eyrir Invest has repurchased all outstanding bonds, EYRI0109, nominal value 2.000 million ISK. Interest on this bond issue is 15.5% from the initial date, the 24th of January 2007. Maturity date is the 23rd of January 2009. The bonds are repurcased at 18.6% yield to maturity. The company will apply for delisting of the bonds. 

Eyrir Invest has two other listed bond issues on the OMX Nordic Exchange; EYRI 07 2 with final maturity in August 2009 and EYRI 05 1 with final maturity in May 2012. The company will continue to puplish it´s accounts officially according to the OMX Exchange rules.

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