Today 19.5% of share capital in Ossur changed owners, when AB Industrivarden of Sweden sold 75 million shares to William Demant Invest A/S of Denmark, Eyrir Invest ehf. and Vik Investment Holding S.a.r.l, a holding company owned by Jón Sigurdsson, President & CEO of Ossur. 

Following this transaction, William Demant Invest A/S is the largest shareholder in Ossur, holding 36.9% of the total share capital. The second largest shareholder is Eyrir Invest ehf. holding 14.6%. Eyrir is by majority owned by Thordur Magnusson and Arni Oddur Thordarson. The third largest shareholder (whose holding is unchanged after this transaction) is Mallard Holding S.a.r.l., a holding company owned by Ossur Kristinsson, founder of the Company, and his family. The fourth largest shareholder is Vik Investment Holding with 6.4%. 

According to Niels Jacobsen, Chairman of William Demant Invest A/S, they are most satisfied with the transaction. “Ossur is a dynamic company which is facing a wide range of opportunities and we firmly believe that the company will take advantage of them,” says Mr Jacobsen. William Demant Invest makes long-term investments and is committed to work with other shareholders to strengthen Ossur as a listed company. 

Jón Sigurdsson, President & CEO of Ossur believes that this transaction confirms what Ossur has achieved in recent years and reflects the interest that international and Icelandic investors have in the company. “After years of strategic development, the time has come to prepare Ossur to pursue even greater growth opportunities with the strong support of our shareholders. We see strong opportunities going forward both through organic growth and through acquisitions”

AB Industrivarden acquired a 15% stake in Ossur in May 2002 and has since then gradually increased its share, and before this latest transaction owned 23,4% in the company. Following this sale Industrivarden owns 3,8% in Ossur. According to Bengt Kjell, Executive VP at Industrivarden, the investment in Ossur has yielded excellent returns for Industrivarden in the three years that it has been a shareholder. “We were the first international investor to recognise the excellent investment potential of Ossur. We have made our mark on a company which has grown enormously and performed strongly.” 

For further information: 
Jón Sigurdsson, CEO of Ossur, Tel: +354 515 1316

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