Eyrir Invest hf. has secured long term bank financing for a total amount of 2.100 million ISK (13.4 m EUR). The principals of the loans are due in 2016 and 2017 and are secured with listed securities.  ISK 2.000 million of the loans carries REIBOR + 3% interest rate with interest payable every 6 months, payable in May 2015 and extendable to 2016. ISK 100 million of the loans carries a variable inflation indexed rate, currently 5.35%, with interest payable every 6 months, payable in May 2017.

The above mentioned loans will be used towards Eyrir Invest‘s ongoing financial management as well as investments.


About Eyrir Invest
Eyrir Invest is an international investment company that focuses on investments in industrial companies that have the potential to become true global leaders. Eyrir places great emphasis on aligning execution with good long-term strategic planning. Eyrir´s core assets are a 33% holding in Marel and 17% holding in Stork BV which owns and operates Stork Technical Services and Fokker Technologies. In recent years Eyrir has placed increased emphasis on venture capital investments. Eyrir´s „Buy and Build“ strategy has a proven track record as shareholder value has increased well above market returns since foundation.


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