Eyrir Invest

Eyrir Invest is an international investment company founded in the year 2000. The company focuses on investments in companies which have the potential to become sustainable global leaders. Eyrir places great emphasis on aligning execution with quality long-term strategic planning. Eyrir’s investment strategy does not follow a preconceived timeframe.

Eyrir Invest’s core holdings are well positioned on a global scale within growth industries.

Our Values

Eyrir’s values are Long-term thinking, Endurance, Courage and Integrity. These values reflect the culture of the company and how it conducts its business.

Long-term thinking

We consider scenarios that might occur in the future and are constantly watching out for new opportunities


We possess stamina and patience to support as needed the projects we believe in


We are proactive and excercise leadership when necessary


We act responsibly and are trustworthy in all our interactions