The Board Members of Eyrir Invest hf. are Thordur Magnusson, Chairman, Ingolfur Gudmundsson, Jon Helgi Gudmundsson and Dr. Olafur Steinn Gudmundsson.

Thordur Magnusson

Magnusson was CFO of Eimskip for over two decades before co-founding Eyrir Invest. Today Magnusson chairs the Board of Eyrir Invest and Eyrir Ventures, Carbon Recycling International (CRI), Sæbýli, SagaNatura, AwareGo, Handpoint , eTactica and holds a seat on the boards of many Icelandic companies, including Norvik and Mussila. He served on the Board of Directors of Össur until March 2013 and on the Board of Stork Technical Services until the fall of 2015. Magnusson holds an MBA degree from the University of Minnesota and a Business degree from the University of Iceland.

Ingolfur Gudmundsson

Gudmundsson has an extensive and broad experience within banking, pension funds and managing of other financial institutions. Gudmundsson has through his career held numerous management positions in Landsbanki Íslands hf. Most notably he has held the positions of Marketing Director, Regional and Head Office Branch Manager as well as Managing Director for both Retail and Private Banking. His work has included development and marketing of financial instruments both in Iceland and Canada. Subsequently Gudmundsson worked as a Managing Director for the Engineers’ Pension Fund. Gudmundsson has held board positions of numerous Icelandic companies and organizations.

Jon Helgi Gudmundsson

Gudmundsson is the Chairman and CEO of Norvik, a company which runs several retail stores in Iceland as well as timber industries and logistics facilities and services across Europe. Gudmundsson and his family run Norvik hf. and Smaragardur ehf. which is a real estate company. Gudmundsson has a Cand. Oecon degree in Business Administration from the University of Iceland and  studied as well at Penn State University.

Dr. Olafur Steinn Gudmundsson

Dr. Gudmundsson has held various senior level management positions within R&D in the pharmaceutical industry in the US. He is an active investor within the area of pharmaceutics and biotechnology. Dr. Gudmundsson is also associated with the Pharmaceutical Chemistry department at Purdue University in the US. Dr. Gudmundsson holds a doctorate degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from The University of Kansas and a Pharmacy degree from The University of Iceland.