Eyrir Invest has sold 5.7 million shares in Ossur hf. at 215 ISK per share. After the transaction Eyrir holds 62.840 thousand shares, equivalent to 13.8% of outstanding shares in Ossur.


Eyrir Invest realizes good profits on the sale. The sales takes Eyrir Invest´s holding in Össur below 15% and according to accounting standards Eyrir must therefore book its holdings in Össur at market prices  instead of the equity method.


Eyrir Invest´s financial position is sound. Eyrir Invest is a long term strategic investor. Eyrir Invest’s key holdings are a 32% share in Marel Food Systems hf., 14% share in Össur hf. and 17% share in the Dutch industrial conglomerate Stork. Eyrir has been a shareholder in Marel and Össur since 2004 and in Stork since 2006. Eyrir´s key holdings are market leaders in their respective industries. In recent years they have built up their current strong positions and looking forward they are in a position to harvest well.

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