A splendid example of early 20th century architecture


In August 2012 the City of Reykjavik gave acknowledgements to Eyrir Invest for renovation of its office building that is located at Skólavörðustígur in down-town Reykjavík.  Originally the building was two semi-detached residential houses built in concrete in 1926. The houses represented the first generation of concrete buildings in Reykjavik; simple and plain in style.


Eyrir acquired the houses in 2005 and carried out a reconstruction.  When planning the renovation the architect firm Argos strived to coordinate the look of the two buildings when combing them to one.   The reconstruction reflects professionalism and the building is now a splendid example of early twentieth century architecture in Reykjavík.   



 Eyrir’s offices





 All the receivers of acknowledgements from the City of Reykjavik
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