Eyrir Invest has sold all its shares in Ossur hf. at ISK 193 equivalent to DKK 8.75 per share. Eyrir held 46.5 million shares in Ossur, equivalent to 10.2% of total outstanding shares in Ossur. The purpose of the transaction is to further increase Eyrir´s financial strength and flexibility in operations that enables Eyrir to pursue and lead new investment opportunities. 

Arni Oddur Thordarson, CEO of Eyrir Invest: 
“Eyrir has been a shareholder in Ossur since 2004, holding 20-25% of outstanding shares for the majority of that period, and has actively supported the company’s growth strategy. Our investment in Ossur has been successful, during those seven years revenues have tripled and profitability increased. Ossur is now a global market and technological leader within its field. The management and employees of Ossur deserve high praise for their achievements and we remain optimistic for the future prospects of Ossur.

Eyrir Invest´s financial position is sound and we are exploring new and exciting investment opportunities were Eyrir becomes a principal shareholder, as well as our operating entities are actively expanding globally through organic and external growth.” 

Eyrir Invest´s financial position is sound. At year end 2010 equity amounted to 187 million EUR and the equity ratio was 44%. In addition, unrealized gain on listed shares is significantly higher than book value. Eyrir Invest is a long term strategic investor with the strategy of supporting global industrial companies and venture investments for growth. Eyrir Invest’s key holdings are the industrial companies Marel, Fokker Technologies and Stork Technical Services as well as smaller investments in various ventures and start ups. 

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