Eyrir Sprotar focuses on supporting promising ventures for international growth and value creation, fully in line with Eyrir’s “Buy & Build” philosophy.

Eyrir Invest has a long and successful history of investing in start-up and growth companies. In 2012 Eyrir Invest established Eyrir Sprotar as a holding company for its venture investments. In 2015, Eyrir Invest welcomed new co-investors into Eyrir Sprotar.

Eyrir Sprotar is built on Eyrir Invest´s long tradition, and strong platform, to participate through active ownership in start-up and growth companies, supporting further growth and scalability.

In collaboration with the companies it invests in, Eyrir Sprotar places high emphasis on

  • Stable ownership
  • Knowledge and experience
  • Clear strategy
  • Long-term thinking
  • Strategy and execution

Eyrir Invest’s involvement in Eyrir Sprotar takes place on two levels. First, Eyrir Invest is one of Sprotar’s largest shareholders who invest as Limited Partners. Second, through a subsidiary, Eyrir Invest takes on the role of a manager and General Partner.

Eyrir Sprotar´s investment strategy spans all stages of a company´s growth, from seed capital to funding early-stage companies as well as partaking in international growth. The amounts invested are flexible but high emphasis is placed on taking the role of a lead investor. An integral part of Eyrir Sprotar´s investment philosophy is to provide hands on operational support to management with a strong focus on strategic development.

All investment decisions are made by an Investment Committee. The Committee’s is comprised of independent, highly experienced start-up and venture specialists. Furthermore, Eyrir Sprotar actively seeks out individuals with relevant experience to advise its portfolio companies and/or serve as board members.


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