Arni Oddur Thordarson, CEO of Eyrir has been appointed CEO of Marel. The Board of Directors has consequently changed the organizational setup in Eyrir Invest so that the management responsibilities will be split between three Directors. Margret Jonsdottir will be Managing Director of Operations, Sigfus Oddsson will be Managing Director of Funding and Orn Valdimarsson will be Managing Director of Investments. Chairman of the Board of Directors is Thordur Magnusson, who co-founded Eyrir in the year 2000 with Thordarson.

Eyrir Invest’s core holdings are a 29% share in Marel and 17% holding in Stork Technical Services and Fokker Technologies. In addition, Eyrir Invest invests in prominent growth companies through its venture capital subsidiary, Eyrir Sprotar slhf. Eyrir Sprotar slhf. is the lead investor in ReMake Electric, an expert in energy metering and energy management solutions, and Saga Medica, a natural products manufacturer.

Following his appointment as CEO of Marel Thordarson has resigned from the Board of Directors of Marel. Thordarson is a member of the Supervisory Boards of Fokker Technologies and Stork Technical Services on behalf of Eyrir Invest.

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