Eyrir Invest is an international investment company. Our main focus is on investments in industrial companies and ventures that have the potential to become global market leaders.

Through leadership these companies are able to create economies of scale and value for customers, employees and shareholders.

We follow a “Buy and Build” strategy. We are an investor that invests in relatively few companies at any given time. Our investment strategy does not follow a preconceived time frame. We aim to become the leading investor in our holdings and build a strong and good relationship with our co-investors.

Eyrir Invest provides its holdings with stable ownership, experience and long-term thinking. We ensure that execution is aligned with strategy. That is how we give value to our investments. That is how we do business.

Our Values

Financial objectives
Eyrir Invest aims to achieve a healthy return on equity while maintaining a strong balance sheet.

  • The aim is to generate long term attractive returns for our shareholders; returns that are above global market returns.
  • The equity ratio will be maintained above 40%.


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