Second Quarter 2009 Financial Highlights 

  • Sales USD 81.3 million, down by 3% measured in LCY, or 12% in USD
  • EBITDA USD 17.0 million, down by 11%
  • EBITDA margin 21%, same as in Q2 2008
  • Net profit USD 3.5 million, compared to USD 3.9 million in Q2 2008
  • EPS diluted 0.83 US cents, compared to 0.93 US cents in Q2 2008
  • Cash EPS diluted 3.2 US cents, compared to 2.4 in Q2 2008

First Half 2009 Financial Highlights 

  • Sales USD 158.5 million, down by 3% measured in LCY, or 12% in USD
  • EBITDA USD 29.8 million, down by 29%
  • EBITDA margin 19%, compared to 23% in H1 2008
  • Net profit USD 11.1 million, compared to USD 10.6 million in H1 2008
  • EPS diluted 6.84 US cents, up by 45%
  • Cash EPS diluted 11.92 US cents, up by 21%

Jon Sigurdsson, President & CEO, comments: 
“Slowdown of the economy in the Company’s major markets has affected sales, as customers are cautious due to the uncertainty. Discontinuation of third party agreements in EMEA has a temporary negative effect on sales but not on profitability. Strong leadership and clear strategy in sales and marketing in the US give comfort towards positive developments. A new version of the bionic knee RHEO KNEE as well as the acceptance of the PROPRIO FOOT into the US reimbursement channel are important milestones for the future of the bionic platform. 


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