Press release from Ossur hf.
Reykjavik, 28 October 2008

Third Quarter 2008 Financial Highlights 

Sales USD 87.3 million, up by 6% 

EBITDA USD 21.1 million, up by 50% 

EBITDA margin 24%, compared to 17% in Q3 2007 

Net profit USD 13.7 million, compared to USD 2.2 million in Q3 2007 

Cash EPS diluted 4.60 US cents, compared to 2.10 US cents in Q3 2007 

EPS diluted 3.24 US cents, compared to 0.56 US cents in Q3 2007 

YTD 2008 Financial Highlights 

Sales USD 269.9 million, up by 8% 

EBITDA USD 63.1 million, up by 52% 

EBITDA margin 23%, compared to 17% for the same period 2007 

Net profit USD 24.3 million, compared to USD 0.9 million for the same period 2007 

Cash EPS diluted 10.0 US cents, compared to 4.94 US cents, for the same period 2007 

EPS diluted 5.75 US cents, compared to 0.24 US cents, for the same period 2007 

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Jon Sigurdsson, President & CEO, comments: 
“We are quite satisfied with the results for the quarter and the first nine months of the year. We have managed to increase the profitability of our business handsomely, despite the fact that sales growth has been slower than anticipated. In the past two years we have focused on integration and to build a strong player in the field of non-invasive orthopaedics. Today Ossur has a diverse revenue base, well balanced between Europe and the United States and strong balance sheets with a 43% equity ratio. We do not expect the financial crisis in the world today to have significant impact on Ossur’s operations as Ossur operates within the health care sector. Overall, we are confident that we have managed to build a strong Company with a solid foundation for future growth.” 

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