Eyrir Invest’s team consists of five dedicated professionals with advanced qualifications and wide-ranging business experience. Eyrir’s policy is to attract highly competitive professionals and offer competitive compensation.

Eyrir Invest encourages its employees to increase their knowledge consistently, particularly by continuous education.

Thordur Magnusson


Magnusson is co-founder and chairman of the Board of Eyrir Invest. Prior to that, Magnusson was the CFO at Eimskip for over 20 years, and held seat on the boards of numerous Icelandic companies and organizations on behalf of Eimskip.

  • Chairman of the Board of SagaMedica, Handpoint, eTactica and the Chairman of the Investment Board of Eyrir Sprotar
  • Board member of many Icelandic companies, including, Byko, Norvik and Sæbýli.
  • Former Board member of Stork Technical Services, Iceland Chamber of Commerceand theReykjavik University. Former Vice-Chairman of Ossur hf.
  • MBA degree from the University of Minnesota
  • Cand.Oecon in Business Administration from the University of Iceland

Margret Jonsdottir

MD of Operations

Margret Jonsdottir has been employed at Eyrir Invest since 2004 when she was appointed CFO of the company. Prior to joining Eyrir Invest, Jonsdottir worked as Director of Accounting and Budgeting at MasterCard, Iceland. Jonsdottir was also the Director of Finance at the Industrial Loan Fund, later FBA Investment Bank, which subsequently merged with Islandsbanki. At FBA Investment Bank, Jonsdottir headed the Accounting and Budgeting department.

Olof Bjork Thorleifsdottir

Executive Assistant

Prior to joining Eyrir Invest, Thorleifsdottir worked in finance and accounting at the Fisheries Investment Fund, in back office at FBA Investment Bank and as an operational manager at the Gerduberg Cultural Centre.

Sigfus Ragnar Oddsson

MD of Funding

Oddsson previously worked at Landsbanki Islands hf. (now LBI hf.) as a Senior Director of Corporate Banking. Prior to that, Oddsson was employed as an Associate at UK based Landsbanki Securities. He has held a number of board positions on behalf of his previous employers and is an FSA Approved Person for Corporate Finance.

Orn Valdimarsson

MD of Investments

Valdimarsson has led numerous investments on behalf of Eyrir and serves on the Board of Directors in several companies on behalf of Eyrir. Prior to joining Eyrir, Valdimarsson was CEO and Editor in Chief of Vidskiptabladid, an Icelandic business newspaper.

  • B.Sc. degree in Economics from the University of Iceland
  • Executive Certificate from Copenhagen Business School