Owners of 96.3% of the share capital in Össur hf. used their pre-emptive rights in the company’s share offering to current shareholders which took place from 19 to 23 September. The shareholders subscribed for shares amounting to ISK 8.3 million in total value, which exceeds by 62% the shares offered.In the offering, Össur hf. is selling 63,391,690 new shares for ISK 81 per share, resulting in proceeds of ISK 5,135 million. Kaupthing Bank – Investment Banking is managing the offering which is a part of the financing of Össur hf.’s acquisition of the US company Royce Medical Holdings Inc. 

Simultaneously to the offering and on the same terms, Össur hf. today sold 3,107,757 new shares for ISK 252 million to 31 managers at Össur hf. 

The share offering and sale to managers result in a 20.9% increase in Össur hf.’s share capital. 

The due date of payment for new shares is Thursday 29 September 2005 and payment shall be made no later than on Tuesday 4 October 2005. Notification of allocation and payment instructions can be obtained from the offering website at www.kbbanki.is, but will also be sent to investors. 

Jón Sigurðsson, President & CEO of Össur hf. on tel. +354 515-1316 
Örvar Kærnested, Managing Director of Kaupting Bank – Investment Banking on tel. +354 856-6814 

Source: www.icex.is

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