We focus on investments in companies which have the potential to become sustainable global leaders.

Creating a cleaner, greener society that is more equal and inclusive will require efforts from every individual, business, organisation and government. Investment companies have an important role in ensuring that the Paris Agreement on limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celisus above pre-industrial levels, the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s), and other universal targets are met. We take that role seriously and believe that proactively managing ESG factors is an integral part of such efforts. We also believe sustainability is imperative for a business’ adaptability and growth.

Being an investment company with a significant asset base the most material impact Eyrir Invest has on sustainable development is through its investments. Whether it is engaging with companies in our investment portfolio to support and encourage them in integrating sustainability in their governance, operations and business models or directing our funds for new investments to companies and ideas with the clear ambition to have a positive impact on sustainable development this is where we direct our focus and efforts.

By proactively managing ESG factors we mean that we integrate environmental, social and governance factors into our investment processes and actively engage with our investee companies to ensure that they meet our expectations of sound ESG performance and compliance with international norms.

Please see below for Eyrir Invest’s Responsible Investment Policy