Sabre acquires Calidris

Eyrir became a principal investor in Calidris holding in excess of 25% of total share capital in 2007. Since then Thordur Magnusson has been the Chairman of the Board. Calidris is an excellent [...]

Eyrir Invest 2009 Results

Sound financials and good prospects for core investments.  Equity at year end 2009 is EUR 153.5 million and the equity ratio is 38%. Eyrir Invest has since mid-year 2008 used the equity method in [...]

Eyrir Invest 15,1% shareholder in Ossur

Eyrir sells 16.9 million shares in Ossur and remains the second largest shareholder Eyrir Invest has sold 16.9 million shares in Ossur hf. at 7.25 DKK per share. After the transaction Eyrir holds [...]