Strong growth in order intake

Stork Technical Services delivered EBITDA of 69 million Euros in 2013, compared to 96 million in 2012. The results reflect a difficult start to the year and pressure on margins in the Chemical [...]

Financing agreement

Eyrir Invest has recently reached a financing agreement with one of its funding partners. As part of this agreement, all of the Company’s financial obligations in the short and medium term [...]

Increased profitability at Fokker

Fokker Technologies delivered increased profitability in 2013 compared to prior year. After two years of strong growth 2013 revenue was more or less stable and amounted to 762 million euros. [...]

Board of Directors.

At year-end 2013, there were 20 shareholders in Eyrir Invest, 16 holding ordinary shares, 3 holding B class shares only and 1 holding both ordinary and B class shares. Eyrir Invest’s shareholders [...]

Social Responsibility

Eyrir Invest believes that companies and institutions should be responsible for their impact on the population and the environment. Responsible companies strive consistently to ensure that their [...]

Corporate Governance

Eyrir’s values are Long-term thinking, Endurance, Courage and Integrity. These values reflect the culture of the company and how it conducts its business. The rules on Corporate Governance [...]

Board of Directors

  Information on Board Members The Board Members of Eyrir Invest hf. are Thordur Magnusson, Chairman, Asa Olafsdottir, Hreidar Bjarnason, Jon Helgi Gudmundsson, Sigurjon Jonsson, Dr. Olafur [...]