Fokker Technologies delivered increased profitability in 2013 compared to prior year. After two years of strong growth 2013 revenue was more or less stable and amounted to 762 million euros. Operational EBIT grew from 44 m Euro in 2012 to 47 million in 2013. In particular, the Design & Build business units consisting of Fokker Aerostructures, Fokker Landing Gear and Fokker Elmo, showed robust margins with operational EBIT up by 25% to €50 million.

Sjoerd Vollebregt CEO, commented:
“In 2013 Fokker Technologies made good progress in the Design & Build units, capitalizing on a good mix of programs, and strong operational improvements. Our operational and financial performance shows we are on solid ground, and well positioned given our order outlook and future opportunities. Over the last few years we have made strong progress in both the quality and spread of our earnings. The company has a healthy balance in its portfolio between both civil and defense contracts, and between new and on-going programs. The positive decision of the Dutch government to procure the Lockheed Martin F-35 further strengthened the company’s position.

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