Eyrir Invest believes that companies and institutions should be responsible for their impact on the population and the environment. Responsible companies strive consistently to ensure that their operations have a positive influence on their surroundings.

Social responsibility can be defined as transparent and moral conduct that:

  • Creates value for shareholders, other stakeholders and the community
  • Supports sustainability, including the health and welfare of society
  • Follows laws and is in accordance with internationally established conduct
  • Is honoured in all the company's interactions

Eyrir Invest’s strategy is to be a leading investor in the companies it invests in and to build strong relationships with other investors in each company.

As a major shareholder, Eyrir Invest supports and encourages its principle holdings in pursuing an ambitious strategy towards investment in R&D. It is Eyrir Invest’s firm belief that healthy investments in innovation create the fundamentals for continued value creation and are a prerequisite for a sustainable competitive advantage. Eyrir's investments are in companies that constantly endeavour to make products that save energy, reduce waste and are environmentally friendly.

Eyrir Invest is committed to high standards of corporate governance, social responsibility, business integrity and professionalism in all its activities. Eyrir Invest also encourages the management of all of its core holdings to honour all stakeholders and apply the highest standards of corporate governance and social conduct.

Eyrir Invest believes in open and honest communications with stakeholders and is committed to supporting the community through grants and donations.

Eyrir Invest has always invested in venture companies and supported the start-up community in Iceland. Starting a new business is not an easy task and Eyrir Invest's support in this regard is both of a financial and professional nature. The scope and possibilities for value creation are endless at the venture capital level, but the risk is also substantial. In 2011 Eyrir Invest founded an independent investment company, Eyrir Sprotar slhf.; the purpose of the new company is to invest in prominent growth companies. Eyrir Sprotar will focus on supporting promising ventures for international growth and value creation.

In the past years Eyrir Invest has sponsored various projects at all levels of education and donated multiple grants to charities. Each year donations are made to numerous charities, including the Red Cross, Mothers in Need and various other organizations that assist low-income families in troubled times.


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