At an extraordinary shareholders meeting in Eyrir Invest hf. (the “Company”) held today December 21st, 2012 it was resolved to amend the articles of association of the Company.  Firstly, it was resolved to increase the share capital of an amount up to 231,000,000 by issuing shares in a new class of shares, B shares.  The B shares are preference shares that have priority right to dividends and are convertible into A shares at any time.      


The B shares are without voting rights generally but carry voting rights on matters relating to amendments to the Company’s dividend policy and matters relating to rights relating to B shares. Secondly, it was resolved to incorporate the Company’s dividend policy into the Articles of Association. Lastly, it was resolved remove from the Articles of Association a provision allowing the board of directors to increase the share capital of the Company by up to 110,000,000 shares.  

Total issued A shares amount to 1,108,681,220, whereof the Company holds own shares amounting to 100,000,000 nominal value.

The purpose of the equity increase is to strengthen the Company´s financials and increase operational flexibility.  The board of directors of Eyrir has engaged Arctica Finance as an advisor in relation to the equity increase.  


About Eyrir Invest

Eyrir Invest is an international investment company that focuses on investments in industrial companies that have the potential to become true global leaders. Eyrir places great emphasis on aligning execution with good long-term strategic planning. Eyrir´s core assets are a 33% holding in Marel, 17% holding in Fokker Technologies and 17% holding in Stork Technical Services.  As well invests Eyrir in prominent ventures.   Eyrir´s „Buy and Build“ strategy has a proven track record as shareholder value has increased well above market returns since foundation.

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