Eyrir Invest hf. prepays as a whole the bond class EYRI 11 1.  The prepayment will be made to custodians on September 30th 2013 in accordance with information on custodians given by the Icelandic Securities Depository. The principal amount and accrued interest will be paid in full.  The prepayment is made according to authorisation stipulated in the terms of the bond class EYRI 11 1.   

Eyrir Invest has prepaid all other short-term liabilities and the company is now fully financed long-term.  Part of prepayments of other liabilities was subject to an exemption from the Central Bank of Iceland to prepay foreign short-term liabilities.  That exemption has been granted. After prepaying the bond class EYRI 11 1 the company will delist the bond class from the stock exchange and Icelandic Securities Depository.

H.F. Verðbréf will administer the prepayment.

Further information:

Andri Guðmundsson, H.F. Verðbréf
Tel: +354 585 1700

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